Watch Guide

Watches serve as a very versatile gift; they can be used as wedding gifts, father's day gifts, mother's day gifts, or just because. Watches also make great personal and professional gifts; they can be given to commemorate promotions at work, graduations, or personal achievements. You should learn what's appropriate for each occasion being celebrated and how the watch will fit the lifestyle of the person wearing it. Read more of the Watch Guide and you'll learn everything to know about watches.

Style Versus Function

Mens and Ladies Watches

Wristwatches can be separated into many categories but the two main categories for consideration would be dress and sport. Today's dress watches are generally very sleek and understated; an example of a very popular dress watch would be a Movado. The Movado watches and others like them have a thinner watchcase and watchstrap. Dress watches are usually a very good gift for someone who dresses up for work and would like a sophisticated watch to compliment their attire. This makes a dress watch a great gift to mark a special promotion at work or in your loved one's professional career.

Sport watches are more rugged looking and are very appropriate for someone who is active in sports like scuba diving, running, and biking. A sport watch is made to hold up against the strenuous conditions that accompany these activities. The sport watch can have useful features that are used in an active person's life. Some features can include the chronograph, elapsed time bezel, and perpetual calendar to name a few. For someone who likes water activities, a water resistant watch could be a smart choice. Careful consideration of your loved ones lifestyle should be considered before a purchase, this will ensure that they get the most use out of their watch.

Water Resistance

For many years the term "waterproof" has been loosely and incorrectly used. Many countries and creditable watch organizations have banned the use of the term waterproof when used in respect to watches. There is no such thing as a waterproof watch, and the International Organization for Standardization has created standards for various levels of water resistance. Please use the chart below to learn what you can expect of the performance of your water resistant watch.

Swiss Watches

Swiss made watches are considered to be the finest quality watches in the world. When purchasing a watch you should determine how the movement is made. Most watches today are either Swiss made or Japanese made movements. Some of the noticeable differences in finer Swiss watches are the quality of the materials used as well as the precision of its craftsmanship. Examples of this can be seen in the jeweled bearings that are used in the Swiss watches. The moving parts in most Swiss watches are assembled with ruby bearings at the intersections of these parts. This creates a less friction among the moving parts of the watch and can make the parts last much longer.

A chronometer watch is another name that is synomous with Swiss watches. A chronometer is a complicated and mechanical self winding watch. Much time is required to create a chronometer and they are tested and certified to operate within standards for accuracy created by the Controle Officiel Suisse des Chronometres. Not all mechanical watches are chronometers and you should ask if your mechanical watch is a chronometer. Most watches that are chronometers are manufactured by luxury watch brands like Rolex, Omega, Breitling and Patek Philippe.

Quartz & Light Powered Watches

A quartz movement is another name for an electronic watch. Quartz watches are powered by a tiny power cell and have very few mechanical or moving parts. The hands of the watch move when the electrical circuit reaches a certain frequency. A quartz watch is the world's most accurate timepiece that you can purchase. The power cells in a quartz watch can be expected to last 1 - 2 years and then need replacement by a qualify jeweler or watchmaker.

Light powered watches work very much like quartz movement with the exception that the battery never needs replacement. Tiny solar cells are embedded in the face of the watch and are charged when exposed to sunlight. Citizen watch makes a version called an Eco- Drive and can be charge by any type of light source. Some of their watches only require a 1/2 hour of light to create 180 days worth of power reserve.