Engagement Ring Handbook - Select A Diamond

No two diamonds are created exactly alike and this makes comparing diamonds to one another very difficult. With the right amount of diamond knowledge you'll be able to select the perfect diamond while investing in quality characteristics that you determine are important. Use our Engagement Ring Handbook to gain the understanding you'll need to make a healthy decision.

Select A Diamond Shape

Choosing a diamond size is largely dependent on the quality grade that you like most and the budget that you have set. In addition you'll need to determine how the diamond will be set. Some ring styles look better with very specific diamond sizes. Take a look at the pictures below to get a feel for how much it will cost to buy a diamond of a particular size and how it will look in a ring.

Select A Diamond Size

Casual Conversation with your partner may uncover what would be an appropriate choice for a diamond. Princess and round cut diamonds are the most popular choice for engagement rings. You'll find that most ring mountings are designed specifically to hold round or princess cut diamonds. Recently, emerald and asscher cuts have become an increasingly popular choice for women that want something different.

Select The Diamond Quality

Andrews Jewelers has over 40 years experience buying and selling diamonds and our success has been built on helping our customers make the most educated decision possible. Below you'll find a summary of the components of diamond quality. You can get a more in depth education by visiting our Teach Yourself the 4C's Handbook.