Lifetime Warranty

Every item purchased from Andrews Jewelers comes with our Lifetime Warranty and we’ll stand behind what we’ve sold you. For the life of piece, if you experience abnormal stone loss or breakage due to manufacturing defects Andrews Jewelers will repair or replace your item free of charge.

Andrews Jewelers manufactures it’s jewelry to the absolute highest quality standards and prior to shipment we’ll inspect your jewelry to ensure that you’ll enjoy it for many years to come. Upon receiving your jewelry we require that you have it cleaned and inspected every 6 months. Most local jewelry stores perform these cleaning and inspection services free of charge, no matter where you’ve made your purchase. You may also clean your jewelry at home with store-bought jewelry cleaner or glass cleaner with a soft bristled toothbrush.

Andrews Jewelers will also provide free lifetime sizing, polishing, stone tightening, rhodium plating, and cleaning for the life of your jewelry. Simply return your items and Andrews Jewelers will provide the appropriate services and then safely ship your item(s) back to you.

What's Covered?

  • Free lifetime sizing
  • Free lifetime stone checking and tightening
  • Free lifetime polishing and re-finishing
  • Free lifetime rhodium plating for white gold
  • Free lifetime appraisal service
  • Free lifetime stone loss from setting

What's Not Covered?

  • Re-shanking due to normal wear and tear or excessive sizing
  • Prong replacement or re-tipping due to normal wear and tear
  • Stone loss replacement due to damage of the jewelry
  • Stone breakage due to damage to the stone
  • Head replacement due to normal wear and tear
  • Setting or mounting replacement due to normal wear and tear
  • Shipping costs from and to your residence if you decide to move

What am I responsible for?

You are not required to bring your diamond in for inspection every 6 months in order to keep your warranty valid. However, you are required to bring your diamond in every 5 years for a complete inspection and certification by our staff jeweler. This may require leaving it for one day if the shop is busy but in most cases the inspection can be done while you wait. If the jeweler clears your diamond for re-certification then your warranty is valid until your next 5-year inspection. In some cases, the jeweler may suggest having prongs re-tipped, a head replaced, or diamonds tightened before re-certification. Upon his suggestion, the work must be completed in order to keep your Andrews Jewelers Lifetime Warranty™ valid. Please be advised that casual 6 month cleanings do not constitute the 5-year inspection, in the event of a warranty claim you MUST provide proof that you have received a 5-year inspection. The diamond owner will pay for required maintenance that is not covered under the warranty.

Although you are not required to bring your diamond in for inspection more than once every 5 years, you are encouraged and welcome to bring your diamond in as often as you like for routine cleaning and checking at no charge.

In the event that your item was purchased online and you live outside of the area, Andrews Jewelers will provide the covered services free of charge however, you will be required to pay a $29 fee to cover shipping, handling and insurance. This fee will ensure that your ordered is processed and then shipped to you in the safest manner. Before shipping your items you must attain a Return Authorization Number from our Customer Care Department. To do so please contact us at 716-630-7091, please DO NOT ship your item(s) without contacting us first. Items shipped without a valid RMA number will be refused and returned to sender.

**Andrews Jewelers reserves the right to determine what will be deemed neglect, damage, or defects. All decisions are final and may not be disputed.

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