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Diamond Education Handbook

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Diamond Education Handbook

Diamond Education

Before you select a diamond you’ll want to learn more about what determines a diamonds beauty and value. Andrews Jewelers’s “Teach Yourself the 4C’s Handbook” will make learning about diamonds a snap, in it you’ll cover the 4C’s of diamonds - Cut, Color, Clarity, & Carat.


Precious Metals Education

Rings in precious metals

Recent advances in jewelry manufacturing have created many options for metal choices when purchasing jewelry.

It can be confusing when trying to decide which metal is most appropriate.

Finding a Beautiful Ring

Beautiful Engagement Rings

Draw from our 25 years experience designing engagement & wedding rings.

Nobody knows more about engagement and wedding rings than Andrews Jewelers.


Occasion Jewelry and Gift Guides

Special Occasion Necklace

Life's special occasions are the perfect opportunity to express how much you care about your loved one. Choosing a gift of jewelry that speaks of this love can be challenging, with the right knowledge you'll give a gift that's sure to show your heart felt feelings.