How To Order Your Custom Jewelry

Custom Design

The first thing you should already know or have available, is a basic concept of what you would like for your custom jewelry design. Think about what you want your jewelry to look like or what characteristics it should possess in order to make it unique. After all, the purpose of having your jewelry custom made is to create something special and one-of-a-kind. Keep in mind that an Andrews Jewelers Jewelry Designer is always a phone call away at 716-630-7091. We'll answer any questions that you have and we'll also offer suggestions that will help flush out more of your own ideas. You can also make an appointment to visit our In-Store Custom Jewelry Design Studio in Buffalo, NY and work with a design specialist personally. Keep in mind that Andrews Jewelers can make any type of jewelry that you have in mind, including custom logo jewelry, custom engagement rings, custom wedding rings, custom necklaces, custom Celtic jewelry, family crest jewelry, anything at all.

Make your list of design specifics

Make a list of the particulars which should include precious metal type, center gemstone type, center gemstone size, length and width of the jewelry item, finger size, neck size, diamond setting type or method, height, etc. Anything that you have specific needs or wants for should be made into a list. In addition, you should gather any images of things that look similar to the jewelry that you would like made. After you create your list and gather your images visit our Request a Custom Jewelry Design Quote page and submit you're your information.

Continue Conversation with Andrews Jewelers Designers

Once you submit your request for a quote, a Andrews Jewelers Jewelry Designer will reach you by email or by phone. We'll most likely be looking to get more specifics about how you would like to have your jewelry made. You'll be asked a series of questions regarding your design; the answers to these questions will help us decide which approach will be best when making your jewelry design. It'll also give us a better understanding of the scope of work involved so that we can provide the most accurate quote for your work.  After ample conversation and feedback with an Andrews Jewelers Designer you'll receive an official quote for your jewelry design. This price will include design time, creating one prototype, precious metals, gemstones & diamonds, and the labor to assemble the jewelry. Upon your approval you'll be asked to place a deposit in the amount of one half the purchase amount. Next, you'll receive a computerized rendering demonstrating how the finished jewelry design will look.

Custom Made Men's Wedding Ring

Examine your Computerized Rendering & Approve Design Concept

A Andrews Jewelers Designer will use sophisticated computer modeling software to create your one-of-kind jewelry design. The design will be made using your input and we'll place our artistic spin on it to make it the most beautiful jewelry design possible. Our computerized renderings look very realistic and they're very useful because you'll get a good idea of how the jewelry will look before it's made. The rendering will be sent to you via email and then you'll be asked to submit changes or approve the design. The price that you are quoted includes one (1) complete re-design or two (2) small changes. If you require more than two (2) small changes or one (1) complete re-design then you'll be charged $75.00 per hour for the time to re-create the model.

Experience has shown us that 90% of the time our customers fall in love with our first design and normally require slight changes. Certain jewelry designs work best when they are carved by hand using traditional jewelry making methods. If this is the case then we'll hand-carve the model using jewelry modeling wax and then send you a photograph of the design.

Custom Jewelry Design Quote

We invite you to share your ideas with us. We are happy to provide a quote for the creation of your dream jewelry, whether it is an elegant custom engagement ring or a fine piece of custom men's jewelry. Use our Custom Jewelry Design Quote page to provide the details and your contact information.We will reply within 24-48 hours.

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