What is a AAA Diamond?

AAA diamonds are the finest cut diamonds that you can buy. In fact, only 1% of the world's diamonds can receive the AAA rating from Andrews Jewelers. Each diamond that receives this prestigious rating must pass highly demanding standards for proportions, polish, and symmetry. The end result is a diamond that produces far more light, shine, and light performance than the average stone.

How Does a Diamond Become a AAA Diamond?

There are 3 criterions that Andrews Jewelers uses to determine if a diamond can become a AAA stone. First are the proportions of the diamond, each contender must be considered an ideal cut for its table and depth percentages. The second is the polish of the diamond, it must receive at least a Very Good grade for this criteria. The final requirement is the diamond's symmetry, it must also receive at least a Very Good grade for this criteria. You can learn more about the cut of a diamond by visiting our Diamond Education Page.

What is a Hearts & Arrows Diamond?

A Hearts & Arrows Diamond is a diamond that produces a natural phenomenon because of its superior cut grade. This phenomenon is the presence of 8 perfect arrows and 8 perfect hearts when viewed under a special tool called a FireScope. When this occurs, it is an indication that the diamond has been cut to highest standards possible and thereby creating the absolute most brilliance and light dispersion. Nearly all AAA diamonds will display the Hearts & Arrows Phenomenon.

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